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The Aam Admi ..

There is a reason i write this today.. A discussion made me upset and given the fact i do not like getting into altercations i decided this was the best way to present my point of view without unnecessary heartburn.

Its about AAP ..the Aam Aadmi Party.

Yes , a lot of you would already be calling me an 'Aaptard' sensing that i am about to write something in favor.So be it, but if you are reading this ,try to have a neutral point of view while reading and start hurling abuses at the very end if you still want to.

I personally do not follow and understand politics as my interests lie elsewhere.For me its all the same whether its the Aap , the Congress or the Bjp. I can harldy recall the names of any party other than this.

On September 14, 2014 i had written this facebook post..

"Congress and the BJP ..countrywide or the state governments ,all have been the same.No one party can blame other for corruption and non performance.Though the team plays a major role and no one man depicts and controls the performance of the party countrywide and that there will still be lapses and corruption issues..this man deserves one chance.
Not because of Chinese incursion , not because of cease fire violation , but solely for the brazen 'sab thik hai' and the non aggressive attitude of the government towards the wrong i think i'd better try someone else for the next 5 years.This is no political endorsement but i think the country deserves better.You may call it media hype, PR blitz or false advertising but with what he has done , CM Narendra Modi deserves a chance.At worst we'll have the same 5 years like the last 10 but on the contrary it may well prove to be worth it .. " 
and it ended right there, my interest in politics that is.Beyond such vague outbursts i hardly am worth listening to. 
But then came 'Arvind Kejriwal' , with all his anshans and pradarshans he was such a nuisance.Slowly and steadily this tortoise started making a name for himself.The 49 day CM they used to call him until his party won the 2015 Delhi Assembly Elections with the majority and a margin that was still hard to believe until many days after.Since then , all has not been good regarding the promises made during elections.The founders have had disagreements , party discipline has been compromised , members have been ousted and what not and then there was this last week.
The Odd Even Rule : On even dates, only cars with license plates ending with an even number will be allowed on city roads and on odd dates cars with license plates ending with an odd number will be allowed.
Then i recieved this picture from an old friend who calls me an aaptard..always

With this pic , the interent trolls found a new lease of life and started blaming Arvind Kejriwal and the Odd-Even Rule for the huge chaos at Rajiv Chouk
Yes, it looks scary.But what they did not care to find out before hurling abuses and sending this to all 'aaptards' that this was an old pic.It was all over the internet in no time.
And when someone confronted with the data and facts about this being an old pic,the same rubbish lose talk followed.
But thats not the point either..everyone has a right to opinion but i on my part must ask the people that surf the internet whole day, believe the random stuff posted and start forming opinions based on that, that why on earth do you guys have an opinion about everything.Like i had said to a friend sometime back..'Bhai , tumare khandan main kisi bare main jankari na ho to chup rehne ka riwaz nahi hai kya ''??
Ok , Ill post a few Questions for which ill need answers before someone wants to argue again..
1) If you are busy persuing your personal interests and enjoying your life, what gives you a right to blame a person who atleast is trying whatever the result may be.
Dont behave like a movie critic who seems to know everything good or bad about a movie and rip it apart but would not dare himself making one.
2) Have you made a personal visit to Delhi , seen the work being done or experienced the chaos firsthand ?? Even if the above picture was true, can you still blame a person for trying something for good ?? for getting out of his chair and having the courage.
OK so what would you 'experts at everything ' have done to reduce the pollution levels in your city..Ill tell you.NOTHING. 
O yes , at most a 'Go Green' T shirt may be , I believe.
3) All of them have shortcomings..the Aap, the Bjp and Congress..But its about moving forward slowly and steadily. About taking your family along even if you know there are disagreements within.
If you find faults with Aap , there are many within the other parties as well..Politics is like that.People cannot run a single family of 6 without disagreements leave alone a political party of thousands.

Aamir kuch bola , Shahrukh ye bola , Kejriwal usse milne chala gaya , Modi Pakistan kyu gaya..
So what do we do ? Do nothing ? ...Not to go on stage that we might fail...Not to write as no one will read ...Not to run as we might fall ?? Not to Dance as people will laugh ??
Only way the critics would suggest is to do nothing.That way no one will be able to find any fault with us.  


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