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Sensex nears lifetime high..Right time to Buy ??

The indices are once again near their all time highs. Sensex had made a high of  '21206' on Jan 10th 2008 and had crashed afterwards and since then the Sensex has tested the 20000 mark multiple times but did not succeed in making a new high. Now once again the index seems to be ready to make an effort to try and regain the apex count it had made.

At this juncture though the big question is that would it be a wise choice to enter at current levels since the markets have already ran up a lot in the last one month and if the range bound nature of the markets similar to the last few years is to continue there isn't much to be gained by entering at this level.

Well..I have an answer. Not in terms of where the markets could go , but whether it is prudent to park your money in stocks. Yes , it still is because as of now there are still hundreds of stocks that had fallen huge from their peaks in the 2 year crash that have not recovered and are considered to be valuable companies in the Indian growth scenario.Stocks like Rcom , Bharti Airtel , Dlf , Jp Associates , Reliance Industries , Relcapital are still off their highs by a huge margin.Not to suggest that the stocks were fair value at the highs but are certainly below par at the current values.

Not in one go , Not in a year but these stocks and many more hidden gems will certainly provide good returns over a period of time if you are willing to hold.Also with small systematic investments going into the stocks you can also take advantage of the downside if any is left in these stocks because with such hue asset list they certainly will become more mouthwatering if fall further.Slow and Steady monthly gradual investments in the stocks would be a great idea that can provide handsome returns.So What are you waiting for ..Go ahead and and if you are patient enough , Stay put to reap the rewards.

Although this may seem like a vague post to some suggesting to invest without any specific statistics about the fundamentals of stocks..Well, its just a outline of the plan.Get yourself moving and find some gems to invest in.


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