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Threat Calls from Airtel Agents ,Police and Lawyers..

It was only after a technology website published about the Airtel and Reliance Subscribers getting hoax extortion calls for unpaid bills I got to know how rampant such practices are. Also I got to know about a Person with a similar experience. He had received a few threatening calls from Airtel from people pretending to be Police officers or Lawyers of which he had managed to record a few and posted the entire experience here http://annkur.com/2012/05/audio-the-police-officer-on-behalf-of-airtel-fir-threats-etc/

After reading this I wrote about my pending blog post about a similar experience on the facebook page of airtel after which the Airtel Presence team member called. Her response to my post was " Bill nahi doge to collection calls to ayege hi " . It was this Audacious behavior of the company and the representative which prompted me to write this detailed post about what happened and publish everything with proofs in the form of email and call records of customer care , extortion calls from Agents , Police Officers and lawyers.

It was about a pending bill of rs 2500/- which i have refused to pay because i had the landline disconnected and also had a confirmation ( in email ) from airtel and was billed beyond that.All i wanted was to have them look at my side of the story , check the usage data and the emails i had. But instead what they did was this..

I have more of such recordings and email proof of Airtel wrongdoings and also of the Airtel billing me even after disconnection of the landline phone. Customer care and the agents did not want to listen to anything and wanted money at any cost or warned of dire consequences.

Also Contrary to the claims made by airtel that they follow up the recovery process within the company for 90-120 days and then forward the task to the recovery agencies is also wrong.Because i had started receiving the calls within 1-2 months.And the sad part for Airtel is that i have a documented proof of every email , calls ( from cops , lawyers , customer care, collection agents ) , twitter and facebook conversations of i asking for help etc..

Current Status : When I've had enough I went to the Airtel head office in the city , told them about the case ( again i.e )  but this time i had carried the recordings. I made them sit and hear the calls and told them about the complaint i was to file with the local police which made them rush into action fearing a backlash.They checked the case, and the email proofs of false billing and the end result was that all of the pending amount was waived off. After a month and 5-6 visits i was also issued an Noc of no dues remaining on the same number.

Everything has been sorted out but the main problem remains.Airtel has a right to recover their money but at the same time they must have a look at the flip side of the coin , the consumer's point of view that is.Airtel people after knowing that i have recorded the conversations and was going to file a case, have issued an apology but never responded properly earlier when i kept pleading for help. I know i will not gain anything out of this post ( as suggested by an airtel  executive yesterday) and the Criminal case filed but still i plan to take this forward.

Also a few Questions for the Company if they get to read this..

1) What gives you the right to share the personal information of clients with collection agencies ?? Isn't that illegal ??

2) Whether the calls were from real lawyers or cops ?? I doubt because of their behaviour and desperation for payments. If not , is it not illegal to impersonate and that too a government official ??

3) What happened to the customer Service ?? Even after calling more than 10 times to customer care no one helped..

 Most of the time people pay up as they get scared with these calls or do not want to get into time and capital consuming legal procedures..Also would want to know if they have had a similar experience with Airtel or any other company ?? did anyone file a case/complaint against them  ??

Note :  I have around 10 of such recordings and if you want to listen to more please visit  the audio channel on http://soundcloud.com/sunil-jaiswani/  .


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