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Corrupt or Not ??

For once if we talk practical and do not consider the elite of india and even the upper middle class , the majority does not even understand or care what the GDP , CRR , REPO RATE is.All they need to know that why is India growing without them and why they do not see themselves being a part of the great India shining story.While all the tabloids , E-zines and papers are portraying India as the next big superpower , all this appears just to be a marketing and sales pitch for the generation to splurge more.

If you have been reading the newspapers lately then you must have derived that the comman man is the biggest loser in these times having to bear the brunt of inflation and increased cost of living.The multi thousand crore scams, government schemes , subsidies have all become just another way of looting the country.But then who should be blamed ?? Some say the UPA ..some say the previous governments.But the very fact is that the UPA , the NDA and any other party for that matter are all one and the same.And moreover we ourselves have let go of the rights to blame any government or individual for we are an integral part of this corrupt system.

 Here i should mention a piece of text i came across on the internet in which Ashleigh Brilliant says'' I want either less corruption, or more chance to participate in it   ''I see rallies , protests against politicians , bureaucrats by people who themselves have been corrupt all their lives.Just that their levels and pace of corrupt practices have been of  different levels,much lower that what could catch the media attention. Everyone shares angry status updates on facebook , twitter after a scam breaks out.Folks, must tell you..get out of that arm chair,off the internet and start contributing if you want to.Writing slogans and updates to decorate your facebook wall is not going to make any difference. 

I myself have been corrupt at different levels and have lost my right to protest against such scams and so have YOU.The news feed on Anna ji has become a source of entertainment for many and all would be forgotten as soon as the its off air and the things like Swayamwar and Roadies again garner the attention of the 'In' thing hungry.

Those netizens who say the government is corrupt and they are not have therefore acquired the right to vent the anger on personal blogs and networking sites.They say A Raja looted the country of 2 lakh crore rupees , Mr Kalmadi bought toilet papers for Rs 5000 , Telecom companies swindled money , Air India was mismanaged....Yes all this has happened but are you guys any different.What are you doing about it ?? Let me tell you..Nothing.In fact everyone of us is a part of this corrupt regime.

Swiping that attendance card as a proxy  for someone, making fake reimbursement bills , bribing a babu , breaking a signal , real estate payments in black components , not paying enough taxes also amount to corruption if most of the anti-corruption crusaders are unaware in case.

This very well reminds me of the movie critics writings columns in newspapers and on the Internet bashing the story lines , cast and the quality of the movie.They can tell whats wrong with a movie and reading the column makes you believe that every movie this critic will make henceforth will turn out to be a blockbuster for the fact that he knows everything that needs to be done to make a good movie.Some even tried to but then realised that its better to remain a critic.It is anyway far easier to blame or bash anything sitting in the office than trying to solve the purpose.

I am an info junkie and want to know every piece of information and news that i can get my hands on.Orkut , Google plus, facebook, twitter and the online world is my workspace and for the last two days its all about shree Anna Hazare ji and the team.They say the man is incorruptible and the records suggest the same.The movement involves a motive that can change the system for good.But all this will not be solved with the JanLokpal bill because then every single Indian will have to be put behind bars.

Also the reports coming in suggest that several politicians including those accused of being involved in scams have pledged support to Anna Hazare ji.Surprised ??Is it Any different than what we are doing ?? Let us start to follow what we are preaching .It will take some time for us to adjust the temptation of giving in to the corrupt regime but if we are able to do this it will be the true JanLokpal Anna ji is looking for.

Also everyone might argue that we are such not by choice but because the system makes us behave that way.But then if you are this angry at the system , how about trying the bottom up approach...


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